Thursday, 8 December 2016

Greenskin and the Man

By the shore one summer's day, a man was sitting like a lout,
Drinking to his heart's content, was what he was a-bout.
A Greenskin worker, passed by while in his toils,
He was bringing things back home, his newly-acquired spoils. 

"Why not come and drink with me," said the man in his cups,
"Instead of working and wasting effort," betwixt his hiccups.
"I am helping my kin," Greenskin replied, "bringing things anew,
Surely you can't expect me, to wallow there next to you?"

"Why bother with them," said the man in slurry speech,
"I've got lots to drink, and no one to share my beach."
"Well maybe just one," Greenskin relented with a sigh,
And he joined the man beneath the noond-ay azure sky.

And as the man passed out, from drink and de-beauch-ery,
Greenskin slit his throat, and got his stuff for free.
Because when the devil drink, is the company that men do keep,
Its easy for Green Slurry, to kill them while they sleep.

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